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Cash on delivery

COD Mail of Russia. 
Delivery is made by cash on delivery across Russia. No matter where you live - it is important that we send a parcel to any region. If you want to buy our goods, while in any other town or village in Russia, we dostavim551 you the goods on delivery by the Post of Russia. Payment on delivery at the post office. - Is the most common payment option for Russia. You pay for the order directly to your mail when it is received. 
Once you build up the order by selecting a payment option 'When you receive in the mail', and confirm it - we collect the order, we will send it to you through the mail COD. Then you at the address you notice comes that parcel reached. You take identification documents, notice, and go to your mail. There you will need to get a parcel. 
We will send you the goods in advance carefully checking for performance and appearance. 
If the notification does not come for a long time? 
Call or go to your post office. Find out if you do not expect the parcel. Perhaps for some reason the notification disappeared from the mailbox, and you have not received it. 
Please, when ordering please indicate: 
Surname, name, patronymic (in full) 
Detailed postal address and an index 
The email address that you check often. 
Phone number where you can be contacted (preferably mobile) 
Information on cash on delivery: 
What is the delivery charge? 
Cash on delivery - a system of payment packages and parcels upon receipt in the mail.
What good is cash on delivery? 
Firstly, the fact that it does not advance if you are afraid to make payment in advance, you will be preferable to order the goods on delivery. Secondly, you are not required to go to the bank for deposit payment: just enough to once come to the post office on delivery. 
What is not good cash on delivery? 
In that order sent COD will cost you more (10-70%). What is the reason? Firstly, when you send the parcel be charged the additional postal charges, depending on the amount of assessment parcel. Secondly, the mail takes payment for the transfer of money for the goods to our account (similar to a bank transfer fee payment). 
How does the ordering when sending cash on delivery? 
You make an order, our manager sends you an e-mail request for confirmation of the order, you agree to it, the order is generated and sent to the address you provided. Upon receipt of notification of the arrival of the parcel or parcels you pay at the post office and get the necessary amount of the order. 
Timing and methods of delivery in case of cash on delivery 
Method one - sending by post or through state post offices. Delivery times - such as when sending a normal parcel. 
What are the restrictions when sending cash on delivery? 
Sending parcels on delivery is performed only on the territory of the Russian Federation. 
The maximum value of the order sent COD - 10000 rubles. 
Is it possible to pay only after examination of the contents of the parcel? 
No, see the contents of the parcel, you can only after make payment. Prior to this, carefully inspect the package and check the weight of the parcel. Mail claims no responsibility for the content of parcels and packages, if the integrity of the package is not broken. 
What if I refuse to receive the parcel? 
Then the parcel back to us, but unfortunately, we do not accept re-orders for postal delivery from customers unreasonably refuse to receive. So much to ask, if you did not initially believe that will take away your order on his arrival, do not choose cash on delivery! 
Online shop delivers to other countries! 
Convenient way to work! Order the necessary goods twenty-four hours a day, any day of the week, online store delivery is carried out as quickly as possible, as soon as possible! You can use various payment methods (WebMoney, PayPal, Qiwi, Transfer System Contact, Savings Blitz transfer, WesternUnion, Transfer to a bank card Sberbank, Bank transfer) 
This product is formed within two days after payment. And sent to you. Before sending all products pass inspection tschyatelnuyu .chto reduces receiving faulty goods to zero.
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